Welcome to Bacon Jam Tomato. Rather than just behaving like normal people and setting up separate sites, we're a few webcomic authors who decided to consolidate.

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Historically Inaccurate Ducks: The Battle of Westerquack, part 2

Making this was way too much fun.

We update at least once every week with something. There's no particularly rigorous schedule, although filler (sketches, choice picks from our old comics, quick gags, etc) will most likely go up every Friday and Historically Inaccurate Ducks is making a point of updating exactly every eight days (to ruin reader sanity, of course). If you want to see more Warehouse or Last Stanza, E-mail the authors or something. The currently running storylines are, there ain't no retired storylines but if we retire some storylines we'll link them here. Eh?

If you're really bored you can look at our current "authors" (useless wankers) too:
Bacon Jam Tomato is the unholy merger of a bunch of different webcomics made by different authors who happened to know each other. Basically, our "art" has roommates. Got a comic you wanna upload here? Prove you've got what it takes by finding some author's email address and bothering them. Preferably Jakson's.Privacy Policy
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